Monday, February 12, 2018

Being busy

It's been almost two weeks since my last blogpost, I simply don't understand how fast time can fly when having fun. I'm still working on pieces for the Memorylane serie. Just checked and the series contains already 25 pieces, wow. Not all are done to the tenth degree but most of them are. 

Here you can see four pieces of Texture of memories since everyone remembers things differently even if the event happening is the same. It is so much fun making these small pieces, 10 x 15 cm that as soon as I near the end of one, another idea pops up.

Well time get some chores done since it is monday after all, :-)

Have a grand start of your week!


Wednesday, January 31, 2018


(Walking on memorylane is like connecting dots of the past)

Only 10 days ago I showed you the little booklet with the bullionknot spine. These bullion knots totally fired me up and I made some beautiful pieces. Small pieces but filled with stories and I loved making them. 

(A collision of memories)

And I gave them each a title that had to do with memories. It is truly wonderful to make and share these pieces, they show the variety of the bullion knot-stitch, they make me express some thoughts and the challenge me to make the best picture possible.

(Scribbles from the past)

What more could I wish for. If you want to see the whole series than just click here.

And I truly hope that you will enjoy them just as much as I do.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Celtic Art as doodle inspiration

Celtic Art in Europe, making connection by Chris Gosden, Sally Crawford and Katharina Ulmschneider is one of the wonderful books I borrowed from the library. I am a big fan of the library simply because there is such a wide variety and it always is a fabulous way to get inspired. 
This book invites to doodle, at the same time it makes me remember past projects and therefore I have take another look at them to see if I could take things a step further. 

So if you ever are stuck ... visit your library!


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wrapping things up

Last May I made a ledger called That's a wrap. In the ledger are photographs and samples of different ways to use a bullion knot. Well the last few days there has been another bullion knot storm on Als and in the collage you can see three examples of it.
I'm really happy with the booklet. The technique is the same as used on the Ægishjálmur, the only difference is that the page is folded which gives a different effect all together. This booklet will be added to the That's a wrap-ledger so that more samples can be added to the ledger.
The two samples are now part of a serie of 7 and I have an idea for them but if that doesn't work they too will end up in the ledger.

So I can  honestly say: My needle has been working over time this past week.

Enjoy your evening!


Thursday, January 18, 2018

A new piece of cloth

Husband has been robbed again from some shirts. Yep because I want to make a new bag for all the books that are made and will be made in this year of the Artistbook. They need a place to live and keep them safe. It is not a difficult process but it takes a lot of time ironing scraps over and over again. (Smiling) 

The cuffs I used to make a cover. At the moment I use this cover to safekeep the ironed scraps and as I look at the photograph, this one also needs a trip to the ironboard.

Time to get back to it, Let's do some more .... ironing!


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Let the ice melt, set the energy free

Have been stitching all that I can and now I'm so happy to share this piece with you. It took me more than a week of intense stitching. And removing the excess paper was nerve-wrecking as was stitching three new layers of paper to it.

All of this started with visiting an ice-sculpture festival in Nordborg where Susanne Ahrenkiel was demonstrating her skills with a big chainsaw while creating a gorgeous ice-sculpture. The third picture in the link is my source of inspiration for this piece.

In this piece I used watercolour paper, wallpaper, mulberry paper and tracing paper and so at the finish there is a relatively sturdy piece of work.

And here you can see an overview of Let the ice melt, set the energy free!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Let the ice melt, set the energy free

A little update on this project. The excess paper is all removed. This makes the paper a lot more fragile and I still have to do a fair amount of stitching.

But as you can see new layers of paper are added and by working carefully I probably manage what I had envisioned to do. Time to start stitching again.